Short seller. Usually sells at the bottom and gets squeezed into a margin call by his broker.
1) Shortie just financed the premium leather package for my new M3.
by SG550 September 06, 2009
A girl who claims she knows more about cars than guys, even though she totaled 2 cars already. She is too short to go karting, yet she thinks she's cool.
Shortie did her master's in mechanical engineering, yet she can't keep a car running.
Shortie thinks that putting break oil on "Arrogant"'s car will solve the world problems.
by asd007 October 12, 2010
alternate spelling 'shorty'--although shortie typically refers to girls, 'shortie' also refers to a guy that's a short bitch. Shorties are very persistent and act as if they're of normal height. They are mental irregulars and need meds. Beware!
Look at that shortie, you know he has to be a total bitch.
by marecare September 22, 2005
Small black girl from Birmingham. Spends her days listening to loud rnb music and offending her room mates at Uni. One half of Pinky and the Brain.
"Shortie, say what's your price, just to back it up, you can hold my ice"
by Senita Rani-Robinson May 08, 2005

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