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a piece of clothing, often favored by girls who want to show of some legs. Short skirts range from minis to just up to the knee and can be made out of any fabrics. Short skirts can be worn as part of a business suit.

Scantily-clad chicks may often where super short skirts, often to attract men.
I was at the club the other night, when I saw a pair of girls wearing some tight short skirts. Freaking hot!
by Arrows October 29, 2007
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Your skirts is too short ugh no one what to see your short skirts

Damm your so sexy because your skirts is too short
by Game mode 0 September 13, 2016
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I wear a short scirt and a guy walks up to me so he can fiddle with my pussy
Short skirt
via giphy
by Simply holly October 13, 2016
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