A person who feels the urge to ride a shortbus with the rest of the retards because he thinks he is one!
Randolfia Scazibus
by Shortbus January 26, 2004
Myspace Internet Punk who recently had a kid.
Best Friends with Glam Trash Face.
Adores Domination.
"Yo did you see that dude shortbus! hes so rad"
by asianrice April 19, 2008
A small shuttle bus used to transport lesser known VIPs not important enouph to merit a limousine service.
On Parliament Hill in Ottawa the lesser known politicians travel around by short bus.
by Bill the Cat April 29, 2008
Current bad featuring former members of popular 90's band sublime!
The shortbus show was great, but they could've played more sublime songs!
by sean April 05, 2005
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