Used to describe a bag of marijuana that has less weed in it than you bought.
Guy #1: Checkout this fat quarter I got us fellas

Guy #2: Fat?? that looks like an eighth, that bag is fuckin up your dealer and bitch to him..why did I give you my money?

Guy #3: yeah you got ripped off..u still gonna sell me a gram??
by 311smoke420 July 12, 2008
Damn dude tah's a nice short
by Spencer September 25, 2003
when one goes to fart simontaniously shiting ones pants resulting in a short.
Darion: great party eh?

Tron: oh damn man i think i just shorted we have to go!

Darion: oh hell nah thats disgusting what da hell is tha matter for you!
by stealthhippi March 10, 2006
the strokes right before a brother or BKB cums
I can't stop now baby! I'm already at the shorts.
by Renee June 22, 2004
v. 1) to pay your buddy back less than you borrowed
2) sex with a dwarf
by Anonymous February 26, 2003
anyone under 6 feet ; a cigarette or cigar smoked halfway through, a film less then 30 minutes, to have less then the original,

also pronounced ( shout )
Jay: you got a newport?
tim: yeah but i only got one left...
Jay: well lemme get that short...

CJ: i only got one cigarette left and im gonna smoke it
BJ: well short me down
by consistent change IS flava September 27, 2009
Someone whom has little or no manhood.
OMG bigger is better, he is short.
by DP Princess January 25, 2003

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