When you can see what's coming.
Guy: I went over to Fred's and he asked to borrow some money.
Demetri: That Fred, he's such a short sleeved magician.
by Udertheo February 25, 2010
Top Definition
When you can see what's coming.
"So...Frank called me on my birthday, and then he asked me if he could borrow some money."

"Frank...That guy's a real short sleeved magician
by abyssion8 February 25, 2010
From the TV Show "Important Things with Demitri Martin" and the term is of course by Demitri Martin

When someone is so predictable you see what's comming.

Based on the rabbit in the hat trick; the rabbit actually moves down the sleeve into the hat. If the Magician has short sleeves, you see the rabbit.
Person 1: Dude, yesterday Dan fell on his face when trying to do an ollie, so he stormed off and blamed his new Nike Airs.

Person 2: Typical Dan, what a short sleeved magician.
by gone laggs February 26, 2010
a person who does something that you see coming.
Dan: "I was talking to Jeff and he told me he was deciding whether or not to move in with his girlfriend."

Craig: "Well, we all know Jeff has commitment issues. But just for fun... what did he decide?"

Dan: "What do you think? He decided not to."

Craig: "Oh Dan. He's such a short-sleeved magician."
by Lopez, Brook July 02, 2010
N. A phrase coined by comedian Demetri Martin on his comedy central show "Important Things with Demetri Martin" meaning a situation where you can see the inevitable outcome.
Tom: "Hey Steve asked me if he could borrow 40 bucks yesterday"

Demetri: "Oh Yea? Thats a short sleeved magician, you know you won't be getting that back"
by ChaoticFlow February 25, 2010
When you see what's coming.
"Tom called me on my birthday, then asked for twenty dollars."
"wow, that guys a real short sleeved magician."
by AveryDanger March 01, 2010
Somone who's very predictable
John- Can you believe tom asked me for money on my birthday?

Alex- tom's such a short sleeved magician.
by AnonymousUser14 February 25, 2010
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