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a pedophile, or one who is jailed for child molestation
It's dangerous to be labeled Short Eyes in prison.
by A. Scott Falk October 30, 2005
255 37
a prison incarcerated for child moslestion.
"don't associate with him cuz his got short eyes"
by x July 27, 2003
113 52
Prisoner's word for child molester
The minute a short-eyes hits the shower in the Federal Hotel, he starts getting a taste of his own medicine.
by Blackwolf Morrow October 01, 2005
36 7
Synonym for pedophile.

Obverse of muther fucker.

One who should be executed with a hot clothes iron slowly over 10 years.

(Note: Should NOT be confused with sho-tay or shorty)
"Being a short-eye is one of the lowest criminal profiles, even the worst convicted prisoners loath pedophiles"
by zor November 25, 2003
19 19
prison jargon for porno material
"I'll trade you my P&J for your short eyes."
by ella enchanted April 18, 2006
27 197