From queer cinema; "The Shortbus".

To masturbate with legs in the air and ejaculate into ones own mouth
Oh my god, I had a good shortbus last night!
by Bellendy March 17, 2010
the vehicle that the government protected classes of people choose to ride because their to ignorant to notice their own short comings.
ted: have you ever had to ride the the short bus, Bob?

Bob: not since I realized that getting any government welfare gets you nowhere.
by oldmountianman October 08, 2014
Similar to the shocker and mini van, but with the SHORT BUS 1 finger goes in the the woman's vagina and the other 2 fingers of that hand as well as the complete other hand go in the butt (1 driver 7 passengers) causing them to yell, moan and even walk a little bit handicapped
My girlfriend was acting really silly so later that night I gave her the short bus made her walk funny in a special way
by Wiggly21 April 10, 2014
retard racer
If u cant figure out wat a short bus is then u should probably be riding on it.
by flash999 September 12, 2009
a friendly term used to describe some one that is a little show at catching on to things
Person 1: Dude, thanks for turning in my homework for me.
Person 2: No problem, short bus.
by Matt-fu January 29, 2009
Defending 2 time Humpday Fantasy Football Champion. It might not be pretty, but it tends to work.
Wow, the Short bus really fucked up Chi-Town's Meat Co. this weekend. Chi-town sure looked good on paper, but the Bus found yet another way to win. Those drooling retards can sure throw, catch and run.
by BC_34 October 14, 2011
Like a school bus, except supplied with helmets and seat belts to give the illusion of safety. Usually a converted Chevy 3500 van, not a true bus.
Night school students ride the short bus to smoke weed on the way to school without fear.
by Shawn E. April 15, 2003

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