A person that is shorter than the average male for his era and has an attitude because of his stunted growth. Any human male under 5'9" is classed as a 'short-arse'. Only when they have the related attitude problem (otherwise known as 'short-man-syndrome') can they class themselves as a short-arse-twat.

Most short-arse-twats normally try to 'big up' their actions, have loud unbearable ringtones and pretend to know it all in a bid to get themselves noticed.
Barry: "This guy came up to me the other day and said he had pulled 3 girls the night before and shagged them all throughout the night."

Paul: "Do you believe him?"

Barry: "Not really."

Paul: "Was he short?"

Barry: "Yes he was"

Paul: "don't worry about it, the 'short arse twat' would have been lying to impress you.
by Gordon Wells September 25, 2006
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