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if someone is very shy and horny at the same time
'oh man, i'm quite uncomfortable with who I am but men got needs! damn, I'm shorny tonight!'
by Bacuda November 17, 2011
When someone sees a really nice outfit or accessory and feels the need to shop.
Juwles: Oh my god! Did you see those Jimmy Choo's on that woman!? That makes me so shorny!
by juwles333 January 21, 2009
a person who is short and horny; normally a male
Ryan, who is 4'9'', is one shorny kid.
by Brownlee April 21, 2008
The state of being sleepy and horny at the same time.
When I woke this morning, I was pretty tired but I also had a massive boner. Guess I was shorny!
by shornyinthebigapple January 22, 2012