Code term for smoking marijuana. Used around teachers, parents, and authority officials.
"Hey man, lets go shopping over the weekend. They just got some great stuff in at the 'store'"
by Lindsey DeSilvio November 25, 2006
the best activity ever invented. depending on the store you can get some great stuff. the prices of the stuff varies. you can buy clothes, makeup, cars, groceries, accesories, furniture etc!
i went shopping today and got some really cute outfits!
by only the coolest girl March 20, 2005
The act of totally powning noobs on a video game.
Jimmy was shopping Johnny in Halo 2
by Morman June 20, 2005
the act of smoking buds. it makes for a good code word when speaking around your parents.
by Conquistador May 03, 2003
checking out and hooking up with very fine hot ass mexican guyz.
let's go "shopping"
by Coerliala May 31, 2004
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