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The time period during which a guy is actually engaged in the shopping experience. This period can last from almost no time at all to literally hours for a metrosexual, and includes all forms of shopping, from the grocery store to designer boutiques. It should also be noted that this period can be increased through witty girl techniques such as handing a guy a blackberry loaded with brickbreaker to play or sitting him in front of a couch with sportscenter.
"Dude, I am totally down to go try on a few pairs of jeans right now, but I am letting you know that my shopping window is only about 45 minutes today.
by rach BFD May 03, 2008
The above definition is right... I love brick breaker.
Example of extending the shopping window:
Guy:"Okay honey im done, lets g-"
Girl hands guy brick breaker
Guy:"I guess I could stay a little longer"
by Erectin a dispenser! November 27, 2010
The time between dumping your last boy toy (or girl) and finding your new one.
It only took mindy a shopping window of two weeks before hooking up with her next regular.
by sick66 December 02, 2010
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