Someone who thus dribbles seemingly endless crap among unsuspecting forum message boards time after time after time, unaware of the truth which is infact that someone know as Shootz is a tool in all definitions of the word.
"OMG Shootz ya poof! Stop with the crap incarnate that of which you call 'posts'!!"
by W.J.G.J March 14, 2003
Top Definition
Hailing from the halls of Hawaii's colorful history, "shootz" stems from a dialect known as "pidgen," an English-ized mix of various languages. Used in place of "ok" or "cool."
Guy 1 : Lets go to da'kine
Guy 2 : Shootz bradda !
by Ale January 31, 2005
in hawaii when people say "later" or "peace" they say shootz but it can also mean alright
shootz brotha or is that the shit? shootz
by gz420 December 24, 2003
Hawaiian slang: An affermative response expressing aggreement...Also used as word to be used at the end of a conversation.
Shootz- Yes, okay, lets do it, sure...goodbye, bye, see you later, or until next time
by 1locoboi4rmHawaii!! May 19, 2009
A word to say that what the person is saying is a lie or overexagerrating.
Guy 1: I won 1 million dollars
Guy 2: Shootz bro
by Frankie December 07, 2004
The art of inserting a corncob in ones anus.
Holy crap, hes doing a Shootz
by Anonymous March 25, 2003
when you want to say shit and shoot the person
shootz , he is spoiling my day.
by Rumrockz! July 23, 2008
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