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A task or feat that is difficult to the point of near impossibility.
Passing a driving test without lessons is like shooting the moon.
by Tom Wells April 04, 2008
In the card game Hearts, shooting the moon is taking all available points.
The game of hearts is scored in a golf sort of way. The lower the score the better. Usually the game is played to 100; when one player reaches one hundred, the game ends. If playing for money, payoff is based on point differential, but it has many variations.
All hearts are worth a point each, and the queen of spades is 13.

So you have one of two objectives in each hand: sluff off as many hearts and the Queen as possible to stay low or ... if you think you have the hand, "shoot the moon" by capturing all the hearts and the queen. If you do, each of your opponents is "assessed" 26 points. (shooting the moon)

It's a great play, but a risky one. A player looking to shoot the moon often gets all but say 1 or 2 points. So instead of his opponents being hit for 26 each, they get zero and you would eat 24 points(if another player had, say, 2 hearts)
by Mongo Gerry March 13, 2010
(Expression used in Alleghenies, U.S. South). To expose one's buttocks in public, especially out of a car or pickup truck window, while passing another vehicle.
"Roll down the window Lester, 'cause I'm shooting the moon!"
by mollymeaghanmalarkey September 09, 2014
to move out in the middle of the night when you can't pay your rent. Usually items you own, like furniture, are left behind because you're leaving so quickly. Chiefly British, used by George Orwell in 'Down and Out in Paris and London'.
"because we're shooting the moon at 2:30 this morning, we're only taking the smallest, easiest to carry things with us."
by Big Orange August 09, 2007
To shoot the moon is when you intraveinously inject a large enough dose of cocaine to get what is considered a "bell ringer". During a bell ringer, the user gets tinnitus in the ears. One user details this experience as "To hear the 'train', the aluminum sound of the world being crushed--like the 'green room' of surfing". So to summarize, when you shoot the moon, youre taking the use of cocaine to an entirely different level than those who simply insufflate or smoke the drug.
-"Shooting the moon is an extremely bad idea and usually only leads to pain and misery in the end. Only the lucky ones get out unscathed."

-"As soon as I turned him onto using needles, he was shooting the moon and spending his every last penny on more cocaine."
by Indigo kid February 10, 2010
right before u cum u pull your dick out and pop some gizz over her (or even him)see kyle redding
right before kyle gizzed he pulled his dick out of chets ass and cummed on his head and on the floor
by the project pat June 01, 2004
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