1. A person who tends to shoot the shit often. They are usually known for embelishing stories or creating complete fabrications.

2. A hot roller in the casino dice game craps.
1. "Did you hear Ryan went bungee jumping naked?"
"Yeah, be careful with Ryan's stories. He's a Shooter McGavin."

2. "Step aside and let Shooter McGavin pop his collar and roll some 7s!"
by Erle Kirby October 26, 2006
Top Definition
A way to congradulate a friend for doing something cool or awesome by using both hands in the "finger gun" motion.
Look Tom just shot James the shooter mcgavin for banging that virgin.
by Steverrrrrrrrrr June 17, 2006
A penis that is curved upward like a banana
also known as Peyronie's disease
GUY: suck my penis please
GIRL: eww no you have a Shooter Mcgavin
by kelby obrien September 03, 2006
The act of ejaculating into a girls asshole and having her fart it back at your face
Dre: yo jim what did that girl do to you last night?
Jim: damn son she shooter mcgavin'ed me right in the face!
by Don Pedro de San Juan August 03, 2008
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