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(verb) to ejaculate
Every time that I manage to get Nancii's underpants off, I shoot before I can get into her.
by Jake March 24, 2004
187 110
slang for sure or ok
person 1: Wanna c a pic?
person 2: shoots
by Stimpy February 28, 2005
194 122
In wrestling-- The real thing. A match where the participants are really attempting to hurt another.
-hitting an opponent for real instead of pulling back
-not "protecting" your opponent when doing a move on them
by Phillip F. July 13, 2005
114 50
Like the wrestling term, but adjusted to every day life. When someone says something that is true, but unexpected and usually out of anger, or at an inappropriate time.
At the meeting, the boss singled me as out the employee not meeting sales goals. When everyone started to laugh, I decided to shoot on them and told the boss about them stealing company funds to have parties on the weekend.

My buddy who was drunk at the party decided to shoot on me and blurt out about how were with those hookers last weekend. My girlfriend was right there next to me and she was angry.

by MJ Wright February 18, 2008
44 13
As George Carlin once said its just...

"Shit, with two o's"
Aww shoot i forgot we had the physics test
by Me,I,Yo October 14, 2009
32 8
To fire a gun
The bum was stealin my wheels so I started to shoot at his head
by AWW_NAWW March 06, 2003
63 40
an affirmative response. expressing agreement or consent. positive; not negative. okay. alright.
Islandboy: so what can or no can?

Islandgirl: cans

Islandboy: shoots!
by Arjune D.M. August 11, 2008
25 5