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Practice of exposing an erect penis (boner) in order to startle an unsuspecting person. Quite often used as a put down when done to an unpopular male or a male from outside your own social group. The implication is the recipient of the snake enjoys seeing other guys' boners. Shooting the snake can also be used to break up dull parties when someone has too much to drink and goes around showing his bone to party guests. May result in being punched in the nose or kicked in the nads. Use with Caution!
That twerp Jeremy kept hanging around us last night so Brad decided to shoot the snake at him! I thought I'd die laughing!

I dared Brad to shoot the snake at that nerd who parked in his spot at school, he totally did it!

Brad got so faced last night he went around asking if anybody wanted to see him shoot the snake. Nobody did, LOL!
by Budly Dog August 24, 2009

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