The act of Shooshing a Pap, or subsequently papping a shoosh.
My dog pooped on the floor so I rolled up a newspaper and gave him a good shoosh pap.

Get down here right now, or I'll shoosh your pap!
by Shooshpapper June 08, 2011
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The practice of calming an enraged and/or depressed friend by shushing them while lightly stroking their face. This is not mere action, as the friend must try to place their positive emotions into the shooshpap and communicate it to them.
Whenever George gets mad, I shooshpap him until he calms his tits.
by Derarc October 18, 2011
The act of patting your friend's face and making a soothing 'shoosh' sound so they'll calm down
My friend was totally freaking out so I had to shoosh pap him for a while.
by mybanana May 24, 2013
1. To shut up your paparazzi in an annoying way.

2. To shoosh someone's pap

3. To pap someone's shoosh
Dave: I am going to shut up your paparazzi in an annoying way tomorrow morning.
John: Well I am going to shoosh your pap!
Dave: Well, that's going to be a hard shoosh pap then.
by Loltusci March 10, 2013
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