One shoop and one shoop only. If there were two, then it would be known as sheep. Animals that go Bahhh.
What is that New Zealander doing to that shoop?
#sheep #bahh #shoop #animal #new zealand
by artisticimpulses September 13, 2007
To stop or end something.
DJ shoop the music
Shoop putting youre shloop in my mouth!
#shoop #shloop #tickey #nushutu taliagby #corey cohen
by JGRO January 01, 2008
Shoop, the plural of sheep.
Look at all those shoop.
#sheep #sheeps #cow #chicken #goat.
by Captain Rammstein April 23, 2008
The correct term for a sheep (singular)

Geese - Goose
Sheep - Shoop
the shoop stood alone on the hill... as a flock of sheep watched him in silence and awe, for he was a lone shoop.
#sheep #shoop #singular animals #singular of sheep #shiep #sheip #shope #shooop #shoope
by jess et laura June 20, 2006
to put something sweaty on hand, then sneak up behind someone and wipe your hand in their mouth
"goddamit tim i was enjoying that cake until you went and shooped me with ball sweat"
by bernard February 02, 2005
to forcefully shove your hand up a friends butt...could be considered gay but usually not
Scott was bent over so I had to shoop him
by KDoss July 28, 2005

1. past tense of to shop
2. singular for sheep
3. really, really cool

1. i was shooping this weekend
2. dude, theres a shoop outside!
3. thats so shoop!
by emily November 07, 2003
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