A person or persons who are frightened while playing video games.

Have a shaken up personality.
You are shookus.

Your name is Shookus da Bookus
by Daboy3000 February 12, 2009
Top Definition
adj. Shooku is life. You can discribe anything positive as shooku.
A person can also be called a shooku.
That means there groovy!
When the shooku walked into the party, everyone stopped and turned to see what she was wearing, a teal halter top with bright yellow shorts and leg warmers over her palish grey slippers made out of finely spun carrots.
by Shooku Sisters February 24, 2008
verb; The form of one's dooku after one has accidently steeped in it and left a distinct footprint.
Oh dear! I got shookued. Now I got to go change into my bulky and slightly masculine combat boots!
by Mcgoo March 05, 2007
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