Exclamation to express extreme pleasure or angst
"Shoo, I is doin' tha finest girl in da city" or "I hear he needs a hole in da head, shoo!"
by Theron3 March 15, 2003
Top Definition
Shoo means, "go away, I hate you, you don't belong here, why are you still here, you're not supposed to be here, go away!". so instead of saying all that, you just say shoo!
by j00l.i.e April 26, 2003
Exclamation of emotional empowerment.

Can be used in conjunction with -girl.
1. Shoo girl, did that shit just happen!

2. Oh my god, shoo, who the hell!

3. Thats not fair, shoo...

4. Shoo!

5. Where's my shit....shoo!

6. Shoo, I'm hungry...

7. Shoo I'm tired...

8. Shoo I'm tight...

9. Shoo I'm melancholy...
by leuqarita February 24, 2011
short version of issues, much cooler
Callie: Dam ryan i have made shoos

Ryan: What do you mean

Callie: 3 drive bys in 2 days!!!
by OB for Bizz rizz March 14, 2006
A slangy, shortened version of the word shoot. Normally used before or after complaining about something.
Shoo, you crazy if you think I'm bout to do that.

He knew he wasn't gettin none, shoo.
by Sylvia (lala-blaq) April 27, 2004
A replacement for the word "shit" in times when saying "shit" will result in trouble. Or just a replacement for shit.
Person A: "Today I found out I was adopted."
Person B: "Ohh shoo, sucked in mannnn"
by Shervin B February 27, 2006
An irritating wanker with fuck all else to do both bother people looking for work when everybody knows he is a useless tit.

Should you ever speak to him - he will be happy if you say "Bruce Lee - go away" then hang up laughing!! - try it - I did
Fuck off Shoo - Bruce Lee go away - you twat
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