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meaning literally "boy love" in japanese. it is a lot like yaoi, but not as hard core.
mostly depicting boys kissing or light making out.
shonen ai, as a medium usualy revolves around relationships and emotional situations, rather then the guy on guy sex.
"gravitation is such a cute shonen ai show! i cant wait for its release here!"
by Shinigami Dani July 18, 2003
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Shonen-ai is a Japanese terminology literally translated into "shonen" = boy and "ai" which means love. It denotes male homosexuality, and, unlike its correspondent yaoi, shonen-ai is used in regards to depictions of the romantic side of a relationship between two males. "Shonen-ai," the term, is used in fanfiction to warn of male homosexuality.

Often, shonen-ai is associated with fluffy, cute, and cuddly relationships - but the term is not completely restricted to such descriptions. Occasionally, an author will turn out a darker portrayal of a relationship between two guys and use the term "shonen-ai" as a forewarning that romantic relations between the two should be expected, but there will be very little (if at all) explicit sexual interactions. Unless specifically stated otherwise.

Shonen-ai also corresponds with the term "slash" which has less of an emphasis on whether or not the relationship between the characters involved is romantic or entirely sexual. Shonen-ai's counterpart is shoujo-ai - "girl"+"love". And the corresponding term for shoujo-ai that's used in regards to explicit sexual interactions between two females is yuri. Shoujo-ai and yuri can also be called femmeslash - or, sometimes, just slash.
"Bakura-kun gave Ryou-kun a Christmas kiss and chocolates and roses and presents and presents and even more presents - how typical shonen-ai-ish can they get!"

"Adrian and Lawrence are so cute as a shonen-ai couple and even if Adrian did killed Lawrence...he died in the end for Lawrence..."
by Random Idiot Ri December 30, 2005
351 33
Shonen-ai means any type of manga or anime that has a boy-boy love story. Basically a gay love story for girls who like guys who like guys. Shonen-ai is a form of shoujo. Not to be confused with Yaoi which is gay hentai.
Gravitation is shonen-ai bacause it is a love story between two guys.
by Dead Mexican January 19, 2005
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Literally means "boy love." Slash with an emphasis on "awwww . . . cute!" Not to be confused with yaoi, which is graphic male/male porn. Shonen ai is generally fluffy and not particularly explicit.
I read the most adorable shonen ai Harry Potter fanfiction the other day . . . It was Lupin/Sirius, set in their school days. They were playing wizard chess and wound up kissing. Lupin is so cute when he blushes!
by lynx wings April 22, 2005
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"boy love" in japanese, it is a populuar subject for fan fiction writers

by anonymous August 01, 2003
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