Used as a descriptive term for things that aren't as good as they should be, or could be.
1. Well that's shomp.
2. Damn, she's hella shompfaced.
3. This dinner is basically shomp.
by Randy Ramirez November 29, 2005
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to quickly insert one's penis into another's anus and pull it out and act as if nothing happened
me: so this is my old shomping grounds. shomped there, shomped there.....huh, i ain't shomped there.

you: what where i'm standing?

me: SHOMP! still got it.
by Kouji March 01, 2008
Shomps is the definition of shit! but a replacment...
Say if you were talking to a 3 yr old, and you stood on a plug... Instead of saying "Oh shir!" you'd say "Oh shomps!"
JazzyB: You remember the concerts on tonight, right?

Hannah: Oh Shomps!
by yagooo July 05, 2011
1. a form of shut up
2. let someone know you disagree with them

Scott: hey wanna go...
Jay: shomp
Scott: c'mon...
Jay: Shomp
Scott: Ja..
by D-Burgs Finest April 01, 2003
Excitedly agreeing to something

This word is commonly used in the real Nor*Cal by the so called "gangsters" of small towns
Jon: We drinking tonight?
Jimmy: Shomp!
by Justin Bell March 02, 2007
To bite into hungrily, but not ferociously. A chomp but less urgent.
1. I shomped into my cheeseburger.
2. She bit into her ice cream with a shomp.
by Erik W October 10, 2006
To jump out of trees or off rope swings into a river (originally the Alafia River in FL).

NOTE: Predicted by it's originator to become a household word by the year 2008.
Rudy and Heather were at the river SHOMPIN' all day.

Tory shomped from the top of the tree.

by HeatherCelena August 10, 2007

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