A liquidy substance comprised of fecal matter(shit) and vomit. Generally this substance will be collected in a bucket, sealed, and allowed to ferment over a time of no less than 3 months.
One of these days that girl is going to piss me off so bad that I'm going to splatter a giant bucket of shomit all over her down comforter and the interior of her car.
by Anty Dizzle January 26, 2009
v. to purge oneself of personal intimate information as normal conversation to disinterested strangers, acquaintances or colleagues.
Jeri totally shomited about her drug addict alcoholic son during the entire tea break today.
by Maria Espia March 17, 2008
The undetermined fluid that could be shit or vomit. A found puddle of human waste.
The janitor hated his job from day one. Mostly because it was his job to clean the shomit off the floor.
by cbergie November 17, 2009
The substance made when dogs (or anyone I guess) eat shit and then procede to vomit or thow it up all over the place.
Dude your dog just shomit on the carpet!
by Karl June 08, 2004
Violent, nauseating bowel movements, often ending in dry heaves of the rectum, usually following a night of heavy drinking, and preceded by almost the exact same symptoms that occur before vomiting. (sweating, excessive salivating, dizziness, and the general feeling that you're going to die.)
Fred: Oh man, I feel like crap. I'm too old to be drinking like that.

Tracy: Yeah, man. You're looking a little green. You'll probably feel better if you puke.

Fred: I wish! Unfortunately I think I'm going to shomit. You got an extra roll of toilet paper and some preparation H?
by Choolie213 December 09, 2009
To take a shit that smells like vomit.
"I don't know what Bill in accounting ate last night but the entire 3rd floor now smells like shomit!"
by Professor Heinstein April 13, 2009
How people who speak ebonics (negroes) say "Show me it"
What chu got therre? Shomit!
by mai June 10, 2004

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