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The room in a small RV (recreational vehicle)that includes a combination of a shower & a toilet.
Man Aaron, you smell horrible. You should go wash yourself up in the shoilet
by daddioaz May 23, 2006
A toilet with a shower head attached to it. You can take a poo and have a shower at the same time too.
I need to have a shower and take a poo, but I don't have the time.

Go jump on the Shoilet.
by XvGRIMREAPERvX February 01, 2011
A disfunctional bathroom setup whereby a shower and a toilet exist in a barrier free environment. Commonly found in the dormitories of Sienese universities, these cramped and unthoughtfully designed bathrooms typically decrease the occupant's will to live.
"my shoilet is disgusting and cramped"

"Nini, when is my flooded shoilet going to be fixed?"
by Tartuca DiMatioli January 25, 2009
A combination shower and toilet. Using the shower to either urinate or defecate in.
As in:

John: "Man, I really have to take a piss, but I need to get ready for work."

Mary: "That's ok, John. Just use the shoilet!"
by suz_q666 March 03, 2010

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