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Crap, dookie or wolf bait.
I thought that I would shog when the monster jumped out of the door.
by space73cowboy December 30, 2009
4 9
SHOG {shog, shawg} - noun (contemporary American English slang)

The heavy, semi-opaque haze emanating from a restroom to which someone has recently laid waste. Or the cloud of evil wafting from ones' tailpipe subsequent to a particularly heinous bout of flatulence.

A contraction of the English words shit and fog.
"DUDE! CLOSE THE BATHROOM DOOR! The shog is so thick I can TASTE it!"

by aaron w206 January 12, 2009
16 22
Another word for wanting to shag someone but shog.
Shog it.

I wanna shog you pall ;)
by tambobhector January 26, 2009
3 19
Something very boring.
This movie was sooooo shog ill never see it again.
by tanyaa May 06, 2008
0 18
dog shit

Etymology: a euphemism derived from the spoonerized and abbreviated original term: dog shit = shog dit = shog.

First used in the early 1970s by the author's mum, the phrase was often to be heard whilst out walking, due to the propensity for one's shoes to find the aforementioned medium with frightening regularity.

NOTE: The event is often followed by a ritual display that could easily be confused with the Michael Jackson 'moonwalk' as the victim utilizes the nearest grass verge in order to remove as much 'shog' as possible.
'Look out for that shog!'

'I knew it. He's gone right in that shog!'

'Oh God, you've got shog everywhere again!'
by Arthur Damage March 26, 2007
6 25
n. Of Stewartian origin

1. A type of dog which is somewhat fluffy and/or has the appearance of wearing a moustache.



1. Of living creatures, to resemble a fluffy dog i.e having a large hairy face.
With his impressive moustache, Max the Yorkshire Terrier was the quintessential shog.

The old man may have been drunk and soaked in his own urine, but his shoggey appearance endeared him to all.
by Robert D Sykes April 26, 2005
3 22
A derogitory description of an unattractive woman. Typically, "shog" is used to describe an overweight or obese woman but can be used as a general term for women. It is an abreviated term for "Sweaty Hog".
1.) I can't believe you took that shog home with you!

2.) Get ready guys, we are going shog-hunting tonight.

3.) You remember that shog at the bar, I could have sworn I heard the floor begin to buckle.
by BLKDRAGN April 01, 2005
9 28