A group of men who like to perform felatio on hairy men. Alternatively, a group of men who like to molest the handicapped and/or small defenseless animals.
The shogs were thrown out of the pet store for masterbating to the lizards.
by John F. September 18, 2005
Top Definition
An expression to snitch or to inform cops

ex. this dude just shog to the police
by BloodInBloodOut February 26, 2008
to shit when you jog.
My morning routine usually consists of a nice long shog, shower and shave.
by shogger86 June 23, 2011
Shea Heights original gangsters. respect.
is that person from Shea Heights?" " Yeah, there a straight up SHOG. You best respect
by a SHOGGGGG April 14, 2011
something shocking. when something outrages happens
jamal got mad brains? SHOGGGGG
by jamal February 15, 2005
SHOG {shog, shawg} - noun (contemporary American English slang)

The heavy, semi-opaque haze emanating from a restroom to which someone has recently laid waste. Or the cloud of evil wafting from ones' tailpipe subsequent to a particularly heinous bout of flatulence.

A contraction of the English words shit and fog.
"DUDE! CLOSE THE BATHROOM DOOR! The shog is so thick I can TASTE it!"

by aaron w206 January 12, 2009
Crap, dookie or wolf bait.
I thought that I would shog when the monster jumped out of the door.
by space73cowboy December 30, 2009
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