1- issue- as opposed to "ish"
"no wonder they got divorced, they had some big shoes"
by missmartha February 08, 2009
An item that when used correctly, especially by angry, foreign reporters as a display of cultural and personal disdain apparently expresses a negative message which is more directly and coherently received than other messages such as protests, letters, losing elections, global disrepute, criminal proceeding, obviously failed policies including but not limited to the economy by a certain unpopular president who otherwise is apparently immune to consequences of ignorance, hubris, incompetence, being schismatic and misusing authority.
"Bush is getting a little big for his own shoes again it seems, better inform the Iraqi media."
by Don Wif-Politiqs IV-ever December 16, 2008
Something you'd be willing to stab someone for.
So then HE saw it on the ground too, and that's when I stabs, and broke off with his shoe.
by hobo.breakfast May 05, 2006
It means cool,neat and hip.
"Hey Bob, those new jeans you got are real shoe."

"Well thanks Bill, they are shoe."
by RAJJ May 10, 2010
An acronym for "Stupidist Human on Earth", often times used to describe your retarded boss.
Guy "I can't believe the Shoe is Making me Work this weekend" Other Guy "Who is the Shoe"
Guy "Our boss, the shoe, you know Stupist Human on Earth"
by Rampadoo March 15, 2010
What you don't need.
Father: "Put your shoes on, we'll be walking on nails."
Child: "Do you want to torture me?"
by Drummer Girl June 10, 2009
1) A jizz collector
2) The female box
3) Pussy, not the cat
I tickled my girl's shoe with my feet, and now they smell terrible.
by Body by Jack March 30, 2008

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