Code name for weed.
Hey lets go get some shoes.
I want shoes.
by whaaaaazup July 16, 2009
Stands for 'Sl*t High On Ecstacy.'
Tanya- What do you think of that Maddison girl?

Kimberley- She is a S.H.O.E.
by Captain Raison March 28, 2009
a shy hoe = shoe
*sees the guy I like*
*walks away instead of talking to him*
Me: *sighs* I'm such a shoe
by smartgg0501 July 06, 2016
a lighter (part of a new language called "Cataline")
Yo, can you pass me a shoe so I can light my radar (refer to radar)
by PacABowlMan January 19, 2010
An external covering for the foot, and that does not have toes. Skeletoes, for example, are not technically shoes.
I put on my shoes in the morning when I want to be a normal person, but when I want to look silly I put on my Skeletoes.
by Billy Joe Bob the 2nd October 20, 2012
The most awesome person in the world. He also wears pretty sexy shoes, and gets all the ladies. If anyone could take over the world it would be this guy.
You gotta love Shoes.
by Jewbaker February 09, 2011
1. Someone who just freaks out all the time
Billy: Hey did you see that guy freaking out?
John: Was he freaking out worse than Shoe?
Billy: No
John: Yeh no one freaks out worse than shoe.
by qwertyredsf November 08, 2011
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