A word many coke dealers use incase they belive the phone is being tapped. Or if people are around
Aiyo can u grab me a pair of shoes for tonight?
by Rusty213 August 17, 2005
or "shu"

vagina. not to be confused with "brown shu"
"yo benji, i hope your little sister is on some sort of birth control because i banged her the other night and left a mess in her shoe".

by stu in the zoo January 18, 2007
One of the funniest songs on earth
Shoes, shoes, shoes, oh my God, shoes.
by Izzi Smitty November 06, 2007
Verb, to intentionally launch one's shoe at a target victim.
Girl: She's such a bitch!
Other girl: I know, I'm planning to shoe her today in front of everyone.

Guy: So what's on the news?
by Personator December 19, 2008
The molotov cocktail of the 21st century as discribed by the New York times.

First victims ever to be identified are -

Former US president George W Bush
Chinese prime minister Wen Jiabao
No one can stop these shoes.
by Yedimaster February 03, 2009
1.Clothing worn over the foot.
Usually made of durable material such as rubber and leather versus cloth.
Not to be confused with a sock.

2. A representative place, used explain being someone else.
(like saying the tables are turned)
1. My shoe's gonna be up your ass in a minute if you don't shut the hell up.

2. None of you could handle being in their shoes.
by Thadanator July 09, 2005
Non descript code word for pills ie oxy, viciden, percacete, pretty much any prescription drug.
Hey man are you going to the shoe store?

Ya I'm headed that way.

get me two pair, I need two pair.

Hey man you got and shoes?

What's wrong with tyler? I think he's on shoes again.
by Tatertot88603 March 20, 2013

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