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Someone who is obsessed with shoes and will camp out at stores to get the latest pair.
Shoehead: I just camped out at Niketown for 3 days and copped the new SBs
by Edman415 September 23, 2006
Someone who is in love with shoes. Whether it's heels, boots, or kicks, etc. 2. Experiencing a rush or sensation at the sight of a new pair of shoes. 3. Feeling obligated to buy a certain pair of shoes.
At the sight of a pair of shoes, your heart skips a beat or your day brightens up, you are a shoe-head.

You buy a new pair of shoes and your bills are due the next day, you're a shoe-head.
by Heather Beeman March 05, 2008
Of or relating to one who covets shoes is considered a shoe-head.
Daym bitch, that individual of africana decent is just another shoe-head.
yeah man, he's got like 50 pairs of Nike Dunks.
yeah i agree
we should bust a cap in his ass
but then we'd get arrested for racial discrimination
fuck dat shit
by Benjamin Frank May 26, 2006
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