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Sleeping with two people in a twin bed, feet to head. Kind of like shoes in a box.
-"Did you hit that last night?"
-"Nah, we shoe boxed it. She had a box of ziti"
by Nicole and Leah February 03, 2006
A girl with a box that is so loose from sleeping around that one's foot could fit inside. Used in a deragatory manner.
My friend is hooking up with that shoebox who tried to screw everyone at Karl's party.
by Brendan Butler December 12, 2005
A box of shoes used by drug dealers to hide money, drugs, guns or anything else.
I got a glock and 5 stacks in my shoebox.
by jac212212 January 24, 2009
A position of sleeping in which two people lie with heads at opposite ends of the bed, like shoes in a shoebox.
Dude, this bed is too small...let's shoebox!
by TayJay April 13, 2008
Shoebox is where the drug dealer put his cash, drugs or even guns
I got $10 000 cash in my shoebox
I keep at least 100g in my shoebox
by purpleqc October 25, 2008
A box in which you repetitively jerks off into. Instead of using a tissue or rag you use a shoebox instead.
Dad: "Tom, why does this shoebox smell so weird?"

Tom: "Oh, thats what i jerk off into"
by Mr Big3070 February 22, 2014
Vrb-Sex ActLie a girl on her back, wind your leg up, drive your foot in there and wear that bitch like a shoe.
At the party on Friday they went up stairs and he shoe boxed her all night.
by Alastario July 27, 2008