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one who's face is so terribly distorted that it is referred to as something you would shove feet into.
There is a shoe face in every biology class. And she wears funny pants.
by mellers and jackers November 09, 2005
a dog which constantly picks up human shoes to express its devotion to its owner
Sparky - Stop being such a shoeface and give me back my loafer.
by dogman22 October 22, 2008
verb - to tie a shoe to someones face using the laces, so their nose is in the shoe. Preferably done after the shoe has been worn for a long period of exercise. Can often make the person being shoefaced vomit.This works great if the vomit goes into the shoe.
1.Duncan lost the card game, so he got shoefaced.
2.If you don't stop prodding me, I'm going to shoeface you.
3.I'm sorry, i can't come into work today, because me and the boys are shoefacing Duncan.
by Weeedy April 16, 2007
a person who is so ugly they can only be compared to a shoe
"Man, that girls got a hot body, but uuggh, what a shoe face!"
by Toronto Socialites May 26, 2006

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