Noun that describes one's lack of a cellphone & needs to use a land line.
Maureen: "Hey, Tracey wants to get a hold of you. What do I tell her?"

Me: "Yeah, well tell her I'll call her from my shoe phone."
by krischicki June 12, 2008
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Original cell phone - Get Smart's Maxwell Smart had a Shoe Phone. Hence shoe phone
Leaving the house now, call me on my shoe phone.
by snuffleupagus April 19, 2005
A phone that you wear on your feet.
Once, the phone rang, but it was only my shoe
by Birdman January 14, 2005
Shoe Phone is the termination of a Cellular Phone.
Melissa-''Give Me A Dubble Jangle On My Shoe Phone''
Jordan-'' O Oh Ok Shawty...The Big Bad Shoe Phone...I'm lovin' it!''
Melissa-''Ba da ba ba ba....haha Talk To Ya Then Tall-y...My Hard-core throat sliting friend.''
(please remember Jord has IDS (see IDS) be nice to him)
by Melissa July 09, 2004
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