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male submissive who gets sexual pleasure from serving women's feet and shoes. Being a shoe bitch implies that some woman tacitly or actively goes along with this. Which means that there are probably more would-be shoe bitches than actual practising ones. Favourite shoes are usually fetishy - heels and patent leather etc., but real shoe bitches get off equally on Converse trainers or skate shoes.
Hannah: are you my shoe bitch, sweetie?
Rob (looking up from kissing Hannah's Converse): I love serving your feet and your shoes, darling Lady Hannah.
by lickytongue April 30, 2008
Compulsive shoe purchases with the inability to stop, or control. A shoe fetish, or addiction to buying shoes.
Dude is a "shoe bitch"! He buys them all whether needed or not.
by Kimo10 March 19, 2008
There are three:

1: someone who works at foot locker.

2: That asshole at shoe stores who uses that machine to find your size even when you already know it.

3: When you are bowling with a group of friends and you select one person to go and get everyones bowling shoes.
1: Floyd: dude, Keith got a job at foot locker.

Jose: oh now he's a shoe bitch.

2: Bob: the other day, I was at Nike and this shoe bitch tried to tell me my size even though I already know it.

3: keith: ok all we need now is a shoe bitch to get our shoes. Go do it Bob, your our shoe bitch today.
by Therealkeith April 05, 2011
A girl that is a bitch and has alot of shoes
man that bitch is such a shoebitch
by DIZZALE October 09, 2005