To give someone the shocker.
You know, one day im just gonna shock the hell out of you baby, and you'll be glad you shaved.
by DXM Hat January 30, 2009
Basically another word for rock, meaing to wear, refering to an item of clothing.
Where you get them shoes at, you make them man?

I got these at goodwill, these from 88', I'm so dope I can shock anything.
by Jizzo Fortanel July 19, 2009
To shit into a sock. This aforementioned sock is then, generally, left somewhere that it will generally be sat on. This causes the fecal matter to seep through the sock, and all over the person.
Dude, I just shocked MattyM's mum's bed! She'll probably love it though.
by Will Quick December 23, 2007
another name for twat,you have 2 fuck the shocks til they are no longer usable like hazel
guy1-yo i broke the shit out my girls shocks
guy2-damn thats watspoppin im bout 2 break my girls in a few
guy1-tough u better break dem shocks my nig
by young twatter November 22, 2007
1.Huge tits, with lots of clevage.
2.Lots of plastic in them tits.
Damn, shes got some nice shocks
by matt November 29, 2004
nike shoes that are TOO expensive and a bit annoying. too much of a OMG I NEED THAT trend.
Guy 1: "Hey dude! Check out those blue and silver shocks!"
Guy 2: "Man I have like 18 MILLION pairs of those!"
Girl 1: "Losers. Shocks are dumb."
by Grace April 03, 2005
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English; akin to Middle High German schoc heap
Date: 14th century
: a pile of sheaves of grain or stalks of Indian corn set up in a field with the butt ends down

Function: noun, adjective
Etymology: North Western, mainland Seattle
Date: 21th century
:1)of rude or inconsiderate behavior.
2) Hacks and or Hacker in the game called Team Fortress Classic
3)One who is overly excited and chants in bursts of "LOL" and "ROFL".
Adjective: That guy's 1337ness was beyond pwned, it was shocks.

Noun: Shocks is the man !
by Aikawa April 08, 2003
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