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When someone on a reality show gets offended, they emphasize it dramatically with a sudden large musical "thump", dead tone of a piano key, or symbol bash. Often accompanied by the person who is offended just seen standing there blanked out in "awe". Get's VERY annoying when used over and over in a show.
Example of a shocker cutscene

Girl 1-Ahh that was an awesome night.

Girl 2-Yeah especially with Dave, we had sex last night.

Girl 1-Oh? Cause Dave told me that I was better.

-Sudden burst of a random dark musical tone as Girl 2 just stares in shock-

Girl 2-Well he told me that you smelled!

-Sudden burst of a random dark musical tone as Girl 1 just stares in shock-
by Gigafrost March 22, 2009
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