The original definiton:

Two in the pink, one in the stink.
More shocker euphemisms:

Checking her fever, with two in the beaver
Crimson: 2, Brown: 1.
Dos en el hueco, con uno en el seco.
Dos en el rosado, y uno en el morado.
Dos en la crica, con uno en la pica.
Dos en la hamaca, con uno en la caca.
Going to town, with one in the brown.
Phaser Finger
The Barracuda (Aus)
The Muckfish.
The Willy J Munchright (Named after a famous Australian)
Two at Yale, one at Brown.
Two in her rut, one in her butt.
Two in the 'ooh la la', one in the caca.
Two in the baby maker, one in the patty caker.
Two in the beav, with an ace up the sleeve.
Two in the beaver, one in the cleaver.
Two in the beaver, one where food leaves her.
Two in the bird, one in the turd.
Two in the blood, one in the mud.
Two in the boat, one in the moat.
Two in the bow, one in the stern.
Two in the buckle, one in the knuckle.
Two in the Bush, one in the Cheney.
Two in the bush, one in the tush.
Two in the byway, one in the hershey highway.
Two in the cake, one in the pudding.
Two in the camel toe, one in the anal hole.
Two in the cat, one in the shat.
Two in the cheese, one in the whiz.
Two in the chink, one in the sphinc.
Two in the chute, one in the glute.
Two in the clam, one in the SHAZAAM
Two in the clanker, one in the spanker.
Two in the cockpit, one where the jock sits.
Two in the coin slot, one in the balloon knot.
Two in the condom muncher, one in the donkey puncher.
Two in the coo, one in the poo.
Two in the coot, one in the boot.
Two in the coot, one in the chute.
Two in the cooter, one in the poop shooter.
Two in the cooter, one in the pooter.
Two in the cootie, one in the booty.
Two in the crack, one out back.
Two in the creamer, one in the steamer.
Two in the crown, one in the brown.
Two in the cummer, one in the bummer.
Two in the curtains, one in the hurtin's.
Two in the dream, one in the scream.
Two in the entertainer, one in the panty stainer.
Two in the fast lane, one past the shit stain.
Two in the flap, one out back.
Two in the flaps, one in the craps.
Two in the flower, one in the mud.
Two in the fowl, one in the bowel.
Two in the fucker, one in the cucker.
Two in the furry, one in the curry.
Two in the g-spot, one in the balloon knot
Two in the gap, one in the crap.
Two in the gash, one in the ass.
Two in the gine, one in the brown dime
Two in the gear, one in the rear.
Two in the go, one in the no.
Two in the goo, one in the poo.
Two in the good time, one up the shit line.
Two in the grass, one in the ass.
Two in the grassy knoll, one in the assy hole.
Two in the gum, one in the bum.
Two in the gyney, one in the hiney.
Two in the hair, one in the derriere.
Two in the hair pie, one in the brown eye.
Two in the ham, one in the God Damn!
Two in the heinous, one in the anus.
Two in the hole, one in the... other hole.
Two in the honey, one in the bunny.
Two in the hoo-ha, one in the booya!
Two in the hoo hoo, one in the poo poo.
Two in the hooty, one in the booty.
Two in the Hot Pocket, one in the shit socket.
Two in the hottie, one in the pottie.
Two in the hump, one in the dump.
Two in the I see what you did there, one in the loo.
Two in the jam, one in the ram.
Two in the jelly, one in the smelly.
Two in the juice, one in the caboose.
Two in the junk, one in the trunk.
Two in the kitty, one in the shitty.
Two in the lube, one in the tube.
Two in the main floor, one in the out door.
Two in the meat pie, one in the brown eye.
Two in the meat, one in the seat.
Two in the monkey, one in the chunky.
Two in the muenster, one in the bun, sir
Two in the muff, one in the rough.
Two in the mung, one in the bung.
Two in the num num, one in the bum bum.
Two in the O-range, one in the No-range.
Two in the one, one in the two.
Two in the paris, one in the hilton.
Two in the pee, one you can't see.
Two in the pee pee, one in the cheechee.
Two in the pie, one saying goodbye.
Two in the pink, one in the doo doo hole.
Two in the pink, one in the stink. (original, and most widely used)
Two in the pink, one in the stink, and the thumb twiddles the bean.
Two in the pink, sir, one in the sphincter
Two in the pipe, one in the can.
Two in the pookey, one in the dookie.
Two in the poon, one in the moon.
Two in the pumper, one in the dumper.
Two in the puss, one in the boot.
Two in the queefer, one in the reefer.
Two in the randy, one in the dandy.
Two in the roll, one in the hole.
Two in the saddle, one in the paddle.
Two in the sexit, one in the exit.
Two in the shock, one in the awe.
Two in the skank, one in the stank.
Two in the skunk, one in the trunk.
Two in the slime, one in the crime.
Two in the slit, one in the shit.
Two in the sludge, one in the fudge.
Two in the slut, one in the butt.
Two in the slutter, one in the poop cutter.
Two in the snail, one in the tail.
Two in the snatch, one up the hatch.
Two in the snapper, one in the crapper.
Two in the snapper, one in the starfish.
Two in the split, one where she shits.
Two in the squirt, one in the dirt.
Two in the super, one in the pooper.
Two in the taco, one in the guaco.
Two in the taint, one in the ain't.
Two in the tank, one in the bank.
Two in the tank, one up her crank.
Two in the tart, one in the fart.
Two in the thump, one in the rump.
Two in the tootsie, one in the roll.
Two in the trap, one in the crap.
Two in the treat, one in the seat.
Two in the track, one in the back.
Two in the twat, one in the brown spot.
Two in the valley, one up the alley.
Two in the whore, one in the backdoor.
Two in the winker, one in the sphincter.
Two in the winner, one in the dinner.
Two in the womb, one in the tomb.
Two inside a woman's vagina, one inside a woman's rectum (medical terminology)
Two near the clit, one in the shit.
Two near the tampon, one pops the fart bomb.
Two scoops of strawberry, one scoop of chocolate.
Two to consumate, one to constipate.
Two up the fly, one in the brown eye.
Two where it's foul, one in the bowel.
Two where it's hairy, one where it's scary.
Two where the cocks cum, one where she talks from.
Two where the meat goes, one where the heat blows.
Two where they're born, one where there's corn.
Two where she catches cocks, one in her fartbox.
Two where she hits it, one where she shits it.
Two where she humps, one where she dumps.
Two where she menstruates, one where she defecates.
Two where she peeces, one where she feces.
Two where she queefs, one underneath.
Two where she spits, one where she shits.
Two where you fark her, one where it's darker.
Two where you hump, one in the rump.
Two where you should, one where you could.
Two in the stern, one in the bow.
Two where it's moot, and one where she'll shoot.
Two in her vaginal opening, one where it needs soaping.
Two in the crumb, one in the bum.
Two in the sponge, and one where you plunge.
Two in the bake, and out comes the cake!
Two in the baby maker, one in the brownie baker.
Two in the Hootie, One in the Blowfish.
by Saint Sean August 10, 2006
2 in the beaver 1 in the cleaver
i shocked that slut
by pimpy longstocking December 27, 2003
The Hand Symbol used at the University of Houston.

aka "The Cougar Sign"

The cougar sign, made by folding in the ring finger of the hand towards the palm, has several stories explaining its meaning. The true story of its origin, however, dates back to 1953, the first time UH played the University of Texas in football. Since this was their first meeting, members of Alpha Phi Omega, the service fraternity in charge of taking care of Shasta I, the university's mascot, brought her to the game. During the trip, Shasta's front paw was caught in the car door and one toe was cut off. At the game, members of the opposing team discovered what had happened and began taunting UH players by holding up their hands with the ring finger bent, saying UH's mascot was an invalid and so were our players. Texas went on to win this game 28-7. UH students were very upset by this and began using the sign as notice that they would never let UT forget the incident. Fifteen years later, at their second meeting, the UH Cougars, proudly holding up the now adopted symbol of UH pride, fought Texas to a 20-20

UH did not play Texas again for eight years, our first year as members of the Southwest Conference. The Cougars were on a mission, and in front of 77,809 spectators (at that time the largest crowd ever in attendance at Memorial Stadium) slammed the lid on the disgrace Texas had attempted to put upon UH 23 years earlier. The final score was the University of Houston Cougars, 30, the Texas Longhorns, 0.
"Shock 'em Coogs" -- What we Cougars say at sports functions
by Sleazy E March 23, 2005
Australian slang (possibly used elsewhere).

Used to describe a person who is surprisingly foolish or inept. Not entirely derogatory - moreso a playful taunt.
"Geez, Joe, you're such a shocker!!"
(after Joe did something stupid)

"Wow, MJ had a real shocker in that game - he only scored 11 points!"
(a woeful sporting performance will often get this call)
by Mookie S July 27, 2005
two in the pink, one in the stick
seriosly its fucking disgusting
by DOn March 28, 2005
A paintball gun made by Smart Parts that is very common in tournament paintball
Dude, that Dynasty Shocker cost over $1100
by Swickster August 27, 2005
A rip-off of the Matt Hardy "V1.0" sign that the index and middle fingers are together insted of being spread apart.

Two in the front, one in the back

Mexican Luchador who is currently in TNA
I saw a foam Shocker hand last summer and at first I thought it a foam V1.0 hand.

After I gave Morgan shocker, she wanted me to marry her.

Shocker is Alex Shelley's bitch. He is 1-2 against him.
by Mike August 27, 2005
What to do on live TV and stuff
People doing the shocker in public
by Shockerman March 25, 2005

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