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The shocker is a sexual move. Also refered to as two in the pink and one in the stink. It's when you insert both the middle and index finger into a womans vagina as well as the pinky in her stinky. With emphasis on the pinky going into the ass last; hence the term, SHOCKER!! As she will be shocked when it happens.
I gave that girl a shocker and she was into it!!
by howard Stein October 03, 2005
Two in the pink, one in the stink.
A: DUDE! I hear this bitch Paxton got a poopy pinky from this freshman slut slut while going to second with the shocker.

B: Why in the hell would anybody sacrifice their dignity to pleasure a girl's butthole?
by Poopy Fingee May 06, 2009
Two in the Jackpot, One in the Balloon Knot
Two in the clam, One in the Ham
Two in the queef box, One in the Fart Box
Two in the squid, One in the skid
Two in the pouch, One in the OUCH!!!
In order to Shocker you must put her in the splits and poke her where she shits.
by dcdc220 October 19, 2006
Two in the pink one in the stink.
I gave your mom the shocker last night and the bitch won't stop calling.
by sawrah August 29, 2006
a name referring to an adult kickball team that is awesome on the field and has a lot of spirit. Shockers are the types of teams that would have wacky theme nights, spray paint their cleats to match the opposing team's shirts, or hang a banner of the team name. They may even take cheering to the next level with an air horn, a cowbell, or a spirited slow clap at the end of the game.
-Check out the Shockers over there, scoring runs left and right in their 80's theme night clothes!

-I want to be one of the Shockers because they always win!
by ShockThePlanet February 05, 2010
-2 in the pink 1 in the stink..
-2 in the clit 1 in the shit..
-2 in the menstrate 1 in the prostate...
-2 in the beaver 1 in the cleaver
She tried to question my authority so i gave he rthe shocker... she never acted up again.
by PIMPnPREP5 June 01, 2005
Two in the please us one in the Oh Jesus.
My friend is dating a stripper and I told him he needs to give her the shocker, you know two in the please us and one in the Oh Jesus.
by DREP November 23, 2006
A hand gesture, with sexual connotations, which stupid-American-teenagers constantly show because they think it's cool.
"Like dude, I'm so cool! Watch we flash the shocker! hur hur."
by SpaceM May 16, 2005