A site which typically contains a single image or a single video, created for the sole purpouse of shocking/scaring/making ill, its victim. People then send the site to their friends/enemies, then point and laugh as they vomit blood from their eyeballs.
A good example of a shock site would be: www.whatmannerof.com
by genericusername June 15, 2008
A website used with the express purpose of shocking the living crap out of anyone you link it to. Examples include felch.me, tubgirl, lemonparty, and goatse.
Watch out for that link. I clicked on it and it redirects to a shock site, felch.me - eugh!!
by thedelph December 23, 2012
A website that tricks the user into doing something (usually by creating a fake link), but when the user visits the site, the site just shows them something gross, perverted, or just plain stupid.
Some examples of shock sites are www.lemonparty.org, 2 Girls 1 Cup, www.k-k-k.com, pain olympics, and 1 man 1 jar. I have to admit though, when I think of them, I laugh so hard my heart hurts!!!!!!!! XD
by Cummy worm February 12, 2011
Something I'm SICK and TIRED of!!!!!!
Shock site were funny at first, but now I HATE THEM!!!!!!
by Andrea April 05, 2004
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