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As a specific type of hobo, a shobo is any person indigenous to the Shreveport/Bossier City area of Louisiana.
Displaced New Yorker living in Bossier City: "I think I'm going to check out the gun show at the Shreveport Convention Center today, then have dinner at the Waffle House and pick up some groceries at Wal-mart on Airline Drive."

Displaced Californian living in Shreveport: "Listen to yourself! You're being indoctrinated by the shobo culture."
by JaggedGDog October 01, 2006
An idiot; someone who needs to go get a life
A word you use when you can't think of another insult
Person 1: Hey guess what i did last night
Person 2: World of warcraft?
Perond 1: Yeah!
Person 2: You're a shobo, shut up
by bobicus307 April 05, 2010
Any large ornamental gambling riverboat operating on the Mississippi or Red River.
"Lookout Mama, there's a SHOBO a comin' up the riva"
by PepeD October 07, 2006
A female hobo or bum. A she-hobo, if you will.
"Check out that shobo's dreadlocks."
by Xenola September 17, 2005