A little sister. May or may not be blood related. Depending on the hotness of the little sister and the age, may or may not be called a shobabe
Hey guys, meet my shobe

Dude, I heard you just adopted a shobe

I love my shobe
by Ronald Ryder Norton October 26, 2010
Top Definition
Getting crunked out of your mind while out in a public establishment.
Last night at the bar I got so shobe'd, I woke up under a pool table. I had to call a locksmith to let me out at 5am
by Hot Carl81 June 03, 2011
A negative nickname for Los Angeles Lakers player, Kobe "Bean" Bryant. This nickname came about due to Bryant's penchant for playing as if he were the only player on the court.
I'd take Shaq over Shobe any day. Shobe is a damn ball hog!
by Isaac Fontaine December 08, 2003
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