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n. a young pig

v. to get shoated
n. I feel like a shoat that has been skewered on a stick.

v. the bouncer shoated me when he let my friends in and not me.
by Amy Redmond June 30, 2005
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An mammal that is part sheep, part goat. However unlike the geep, the sheep banged the goat.
If a sheep bangs a goat, their offspring will be a shoat.
by Mike and Elizabeth S February 08, 2009
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A compilation of two words both shitty and coat referring to a bad coat (or) in slang terms a shitty coat.
That guy has one helluva shoat!

Wear a good coat, not your old shoat.
by Greg C. December 09, 2006
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A long-haired mammalian creature that inhabits the whole of the Olympic Peninsula in the state of Washington, USA...It stand about 6 ft tall, has hair down to it's buttocks (in a pony-like tail) ..frequents the beaches, mountains and (mostly) the natural hotsprings that abound in the area...relatively harmless, if you happen to see one get a of this printing there are none in existence....close kin of Bigfoot...2nd cousins
by Shoatious Maximus April 17, 2013
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