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In Israel, that's what you say when something sucks.
Wow, that was one Shoah of a test!

Damn, that kid is totally Shoah!
by Lifa July 10, 2005
Shoah: Another word for the Holocaust, in Hebrew. A made up word used by the Jews to use instead of saying the Holocaust. Just a different word that will decides ones test score on the Holocaust. Many teachers will say this instead of saying the Holocaust to be more Jewish for that two weeks of studying the Holocaust.
-Define Shoah.

Student: Uh Ms. Manfredi, This is a made up word.

Teacher: Stop being racist Jahren.
Student: How is THAT racist?

Teacher: Shoah blah blah blah blah blah thats why!!!
Student: Oh ok!! mumbles in Arabic.
by Jahren May 10, 2009

"Holocaust" in hebrew language.
"Let's not forget the Shoah."
by Dave April 04, 2004
The Hebrew word for "Holocaust", "Sho'ah" means "Destruction". Contrary to flippant myth, "sho'ah" ("שואה") is never thrown around lightly.
Because of the Nazis' intent on committing ethnocide against the Jewish people, "sho'ah" has come to refer exclusively to the Holocaust ("HaShoah" meaning "The Destruction").
by Nickidewbear February 26, 2014

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