sure thing; sure enough; for sure
by Anonymous May 24, 2003
yes, correct, definitely.
"would you like to have a drink?" "shonuff, gimme a beer"
by michelle* December 29, 2002
an affirmation, short for "sure enough."
"hey man that was a fat blunt! I high as a mickey fickey."
"sho nuff!!"
by Chandy April 24, 2003
1.Its a confirmation or something.
Yeah sure
For sure
1."I'm finna use the bathroom."
"Sho nuff."

2."Damn, that ass is like BAM!"
"Sho nuff"
by wussytaco April 13, 2008
it means something like for sure
Do you like football? Sho'nuff
by runningback20 June 24, 2005
For sure; sure enough
by Anonymous May 24, 2003
another word for : for real. An agreeing term when talking to your friends to show you're listening and concur with their statement.
Lisa: Man, Dequan was all up on Sheila...and we know she's a hofasho.

Breyanna: Shonuff, shonuff!
by Foxy Chocolate August 25, 2009

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