The Sport version of the Ford Taurus. SHO stands for Super High Output.

(Pronounced: Show)

It is also known as "the ultimate sleeper", because no one would expect a 4 door family sedan to be able to put up a good race. Of course, back when the SHO was built, it wasn't all that common to see 15 second cars on the road, at least none that weren't expensive or heavily modified.

The SHO has made a reputation for itself, for having a very efficient Yamaha built 3.0L (89-95) (3.2L for Automatics) engine. With very little mods the SHO is capable of putting up a race against most corvettes of the day.

The SHO was discontinued in 1999 by Ford. Currently SHO enthusiasts are trying to convince Ford to bring back the Taurus SHO, now that the Taurus has been reintroduced into the market.

Remember to SHOfear
That ricer honda didn't expect to get smoked by a SHO.

If you want to hustle a good race, get a SHO, no one will expect a 4-door sedan to pull like a sports car!
by SHOgun August 04, 2007
Top Definition
A Word Originating From Tottenham (FMD, NPK, IDA, C.E, ETC,) North London. Meaning Good, Bye, Easy, And Can Be Used As A Signature Word.

Good: "That caps lookin sho!"

Easy:"Nar Fam, Dat Test Was Sho!"

Bye:I'll See You Man Lata. Sho.

by ALIEDOE December 31, 2008
A sporty version of the grocery-getter taurus. Introduced in 1989, it had a high revving 220hp 3.0 DOHC V6 made by Yamaha and a 5 speed transmission. 1992 the body style changed. In 1993 a bored version of the 3.0, the 3.2 with slightly more touque was released. Coupled to an automatic transmission. In 1996, bodystyle changed to the bubble look and so did the motor. It was now a 235hp 3.4 V8. But only with an auto trans. The motor wasn't as snappy as with a manual tran and is plagued with camshaft/sprocket problems. In 1999 the SHO was dropped.
My '89 SHO will still hand most ricers their ass.
by DakotaThunder January 21, 2005
It stands for Super High Output. Ford makes the Taurus SHO
I am outside working on my SHO. Then I am going to go for a ride in my SHO.
by gary December 01, 2003
Super High Output

Sub series of the midsize Taurus made by Ford. The SHO's engine was a 3.0 V6 built by Yamaha, with overhead-cam cylinder heads, four valves per cyllinder and dual exhausts.

The Taurus SHO included many refinements including......

-larger anti-roll bars
-std. anti-lock brakes
-15 inch aluminum wheels/special high speed v-rated tires

-body addons/'ground effects'
-integral fog lamps
-bucket seats
-center console
-8000rpm Tachometer

The SHO was Ford's attempt to fight back against various European Sport Sedans which were becoming quite popular in the early/mid 1990's (as was the Lumina Euro/LTZ from Chevrolet).
would love to get my hands on a SHO
by mrenigma August 01, 2004
An every-thing term (i.e. awesome)
"I did well on my test."

"I did well on my test."
by Homey 12 March 20, 2004
A well tanned, suburban, individual with dark brown eyes, normal when sober, but when high, takes on characteristics of a creature.
I think you should pass the spliff mate, you're turning into a bit of a Sho.
by cuban November 24, 2014
When something looks good or really cool, if your outfit is looking good etc...
Person 1: Oi we have swag trust me!
Person 2: Sho!

On facebook when someone has a picture in which the person is dressed well or looks cool someone might comment:
by MagicMaz October 17, 2011
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