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street slang for the phrase "sure do"

usage of this term isn't as prevalent as it used to be though
Person 1: U prolly b hatin on cracka azz hilbillies ain't u?

Person 2: Sho 'do!

Person 1: U b hatin on faggot ass bitches who b chicken shit
posers comin into the hood too, Right?

Person 2: I sho 'do, I b hatin on anybody like those fools.

by Phaenixdrools March 16, 2007

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A "show" for the "dough", an act that is put on just to make money.
"Kim Kardashian's wedding to Kris Humphries was a total shodo."

"Yeah she definitely did it just to get money!"
by The Real J-daddy November 29, 2011