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Pronounced: < Shnia – ga >
Russian slang used as both a noun and a verb.

1. (noun) most frequently used to describe some object or body part.
2. (verb) used to describe an action mostly between two people such as fighting,
Having intercourse etc.

This slang is can be used in a conversation with other meanings to describe a various situations, states of mind, emotions etc.
1.(noun) "Poka, Ia poshol mit shnygu"
"Umenia zabalela shnyana"
"Ah te pider, otdaii maiu shnyagu!"

2.(verb) "Vidish devku, ia eio vchera otshnyagaval"
"Bratan, budim shnyagavatsa v cod2?"
"Brat, Mozesh otshnyagavat mne 5 baksaf?"
by MarkyMarik April 17, 2007
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