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a person with a very big nose, usually jewish or italian.
last night frank the shnozz gave laquan a nose job untill jungle juice got squirted up to franks brain
#shnozz #frank #nose #gay #funny
by Fishlips09 September 01, 2007
a big nose prefarbly jewish
dat homie wit dah shnozz is a pizzle
by ejizzletelevizzle September 26, 2003
someone that has a HUGE nose..usialy has lots of zits.
Tara Mansler
by disco_lemonade May 16, 2004
usually used in the place for snout, shnozz is usually used in violent terms, for example:" I'm gonna punch you right in the shnozz!" Some people don't use it in this way and they use it in a slightly stressed/excited state, for example: when you are petting a dog and you squeeze it's snout because it's so cute/adorable and you explode with emotion and say "Oh my gosh you are so cute i just wanna squeeze your shnozz.
The shnozz on that furry is huge.
#snout #nose #and #mouth #something #that #you #can #grab
by QueenJigglePuff August 02, 2015
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