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an extreemly cute (baby like) person. generally a cute friend or a baby or kid you see whildt walking down the street.
oh my god!! look at that little shnookum in his pram!
by stace December 11, 2003
A very affectionate term for a significant other, used in situations where you are alone with the person generally, or with other people and you wish to embaress said S.O.
Hey there shnookums-baby! Can you hand me the lighter and the steamroller?
by midsummermuse October 14, 2004
A word or pet name used to label a loved or dear one. Ex: boyfriend/girlfriend, friend, dog, cat, etc.
"Come here shnookums!"

"You're so sweet shnookums!"

"I love you shnookums."
by Stephanie S. March 16, 2004
A word two love-birds use to address each other. It is a caring word characterized by love and affection.
"I love my shnookums"

"My shnookums is everything I wanted, everything I need"
by I'm Boss February 26, 2008
besties, you know the ppl u care most about. its just a really good word to say. fo sho.
they are my shnookums!
by JJDX AZ.. l November 03, 2007
A word you call somebody
Later shnookums
by Ja Blow MA December 10, 2003