A concluding remark or gesutre at parting. Another way of saying "good-bye"
Talk to you soon hon, Shnoodles!
by Candy July 30, 2004
Top Definition
When one man takes the foreskin of his penis and puts it over another man's penis rubbing up and down until he ejaculates.
Hey Rob, you wanna come shnoodle on saturday night?
by king February 17, 2004
word by zoe and izzy
to bang a person of other sex
I shall shnoodle you
by ilysmbae April 04, 2015
(v.) To shake your noodle like a helicopter in front of a group of women to show your male dominance.
Dude i shnoodled that group of girls over there. Needless to say. They were impressed.
by THERUBBER_DUCKY February 07, 2014
A cute breed of dog that is almost completely impervious to training or learning anything more than sitting or running around on command.
"Jack you're so cute, but you just peed all over the house..again. Shnoodles are so cute I can't get mad at you though."
by J710 September 15, 2009
a shit noodle. when you're fucking a girl in the ass and there's shit in there, and you're fucking her so hard the shit gets shoved in your peehole, and then when you pee you piss out a noodle of shit.
"dude i thought i pissed out a worm, turned out it was a shnoodle of sally's shit coming out of my dick"
by yololol June 06, 2013
A word to describe a small animal that is cute. Can be called "shnoodle" or "tiny shnoodle"
"Whats that thing in the road?"
"I'm not sure lets get closer."
"WOAH, Its a tiny shnoodle."
by jadebk May 09, 2009

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